Lighting Fixtures Packaging

Electrical industry

A sustainable all-around protection for lighting fixtures


A durable and fully recyclable packaging solution for lighting fixtures

Product dimensions
195 x 195 x 54 mm (side)
195 x 80 x 52 mm (base)

Hot-pressed product

Green protection

An easy to use packaging solution

A packaging solution capable of protecting the lighting fixture from the various strains likely to occur during long distance transportations.

An easy to use solution made of environmentally friendly materials.     

Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

The existing packaging process needs to be simplified and sped up. The packaging must be ready to use and shouldn’t require any assembly.

The packaging should consist of two different parts: a side part to protect the lamp from side impacts and a base part to support the lighting fixture and enhance protection of the glass part.

The packaging should successfully absorb shocks and vibrations likely to occur during transportation.

Our Solution

Efficient sustainability

A side part made of 100% recycled paper, with a pocket for the placement of additional metallic components necessary for the installation of the lighting fixture. The different geometries of the right and left side of the lighting fixture have been taken into consideration, so that the final side part can safely secure both sides of the lamp, thus effectively protecting the product.

A base part made of molded fiber specially designed to embrace the curve of the glass surface of the lighting fixture, while maintaining a fixed distance between the product and the carton box. The use of 4 pieces, ensures sufficient support along the entire length of the product and offers protection from external impacts and vibrations.

going eco

Product Benefits

Both parts – side and base – were designed in such a way as to be able to withstand multiple and even successive drops.

The recycling symbol is debossed on the side part for quick recognition by the end user of the recycling capabilities of the packaging material.

The spacers on both base and side parts allow stacking of the packaging materials, while ensuring that the pieces can be separated easily and quickly for an unobstructed packaging process.

The broken corner on the perimeter of the side part works as an indicator for a quick and error-free placement of the side part on the left and right side of the lighting fixture.