Electrical box packaging

Electrical industry

A reliable fully recyclable packaging solution for boxes containing electrical equipment

A robust sustainable packaging material suitable for global shipping

Product dimensions
438 x 393 x 62 mm (cover)
438 x 393 x 59 mm (base)

Hot-pressed product

Eco-friendly safety

Safe nesting of the various configurations

of the box in a common inner packaging that will ensure customer satisfaction during both wholesale sales (on pallet transportation) and direct-to-customer sales (transportation through courier companies).

The packed product must successfully pass a 10 points carton drop test based on the ASTM D5276 standard.     

Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

A ready-to-use, user friendly, packaging that will simplify the existing packing process; thus rendering it faster.

New packaging must support the company’s shift from plastic to environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials.

Packaging must be easily recyclable to ensure lower disposal costs in countries where packaging material fees apply.

Our Solution

2- Pieces Solution

ONE cover and ONE base made from 100% recycled paper suitable for all configurations.

Hot-pressing of the dried products ensures the dimensional accuracy of the base’s cavities that secure the box in place and those of the cover that protect the fragile corners.

Molded fiber absorbs all shocks and vibrations during transit, leaving the packed product intact & fully protected. 

The molded pulp base and cover have been designed to create space between the product and the outer cardboard box; hence protecting the product even in cases of severe outer cardboard box damage. 

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Product Benefits

A thin (no more than 2mm) yet highly durable packaging solution – one that protects the environment by achieving reduced packaging material volume.

Carefully placed ribs enhance packaging’s areas that based on stress test simulations are expected to receive increased strain during different product transportation scenarios.

Early on detection of those areas allowed us to create a product that passed the drop test on the first attempt, thus saving valuable time and eliminating any test rerun costs.

Both cover and base are stackable, so that shipping costs, required warehouse space and space on the packing workstation is minimized.

The client’s symbol on the cover adds an extra bit of brand presence to the packaging and enhances the customer’s overall brand experience. The recycling symbol on both top and bottom urges the customer to recycle the packaging.