Nivo Soap

Cosmetic industry

Single bath bomb packaging from molded fiber

Nivo Soap

A sustainable packaging for Nivo Soap’s premium bath bombs

Product dimensions
80x190x35 mm

Dry-in-mold product

Eco-friendly packaging

A plastic free packaging

for premium bath bombs suitable for shelf display and one offering efficient protection during the product’s journey in the supply chain. The packaging must comply with the client’s ethics regarding using premium quality raw materials and environmentally sustainable production methods. 

 Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

Packaging must nicely present the bath bomb while safely cushioning it. Must allow and facilitate product placement on the shelf while catching the customer’s eye.

Must promote the company’s brand and allow many packed products to be placed in the client’s predefined carton box. 

Packaging must withstand use in an environment of high humidity (e.g. bathroom, spa, shower).

Our Solution

Uniquely designed

Two different designs were initially developed and presented to the client. After consultation with him parts of the initially presented ideas were combined with new features to provide unity across his packaging materials. The final clamshell design allows placement of 14 bath bombs in the existing cardboard. 

An “N” shaped window on the top of the packaging allows product visibility. The flat bottom stabilizes the product on the shelf and the debossed logo further enhances the client’s branding. 

The packed product seals with the use of a paper strip, differently colored for each one of the client’s 6 types of bath bombs, thus ensuring the product’s quality from production to delivery. 

Special additives used during the manufacturing process enhance the water resistant character of the paper packaging.

Efficient sustainability

Product Benefits

The packaging’s distinctive and attractive design makes the packed product stand out from the competition on the shelf and catches the customer’s eye, thus adding to the customer’s luxurious bathing experience. 

The created packaging is a light yet robust one, easy to use and capable of securing the bath bomb during long distance shipments. Ideal for e-commerce orders. 

The product is made from 100% recovered paper and therefore is 100% recyclable and suitable for recycling along with normal waste paper. 

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Having a stackable packaging reduces shipping costs and minimizes required storage space.