Molded Fiber Benefits

Why molded fiber?

More and more companies look for eco-friendly materials with an easy disposal route. Materials that maximize the use of post-consumer recycled content. Materials that combine sustainability with efficiency. Look no further. Molded fiber (also called molded pulp) is your solution. Molded pulp can be applied to almost all industries, from medical supplies to food packaging, and from design objects to secondary packaging applications. It’s the natural alternative to fossil fuel-based packaging solutions and its’ applications are limitless.

Why molded fiber?

Environmentally friendly

Made from 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable. Molded pulp products are sustainable, biodegradable and compostable for a reduced environmental footprint. 

Complex Shapes

The natural flexibility of the fibers, allows molded pulp to create complex shapes that embrace the packed goods offering them the perfect fit they need. The go-to-option for unparalleled product cushioning. 


The material’s natural compressibility and resilience, allow for efficient shock absorption, G forces reduction and vibration dampening, easily outperforming similar packaging materials (e.g. plastic, EPS). 


Molded pulp is a strong, yet flexible, material that performs well under wide temperature and humidity ranges, keeping products intact. Robust and capable of fully protecting packed goods even after repeated impacts.


Molded pulp is a porous material that allows packed goods to breathe. Foodstuffs stay fresh and their shelf life is naturally extended. For years the efficient packaging material for eggs.  


Molded fiber is a naturally static neutral material and can be used as packaging material for electrical and electronic components, however only in environments not susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD).



Molded fiber is a sound absorbing material with a soft and pleasant to touch texture. Molded pulp products (e.g. egg trays) have been used as sound-proofing for many decades now.   

Water repellent

Through the use of special additives in the pulp, molded fiber products can obtain a water repellent character and can respectively minimize any liquid leakages, if product’s usage requires so.


Thanks to their curvy shape, molded fiber products nest and stack easily. The increased number of pieces per pallet creates significant cost benefits through the efficient usage of storage and shipping space. 

Ready to use

Molded fiber products usually not require any assembly, thus minimizing any related labor cost. Ideal for use in automated packaging processes.


New production techniques allow the creation of molded fiber products of high aesthetic requirements (e.g. retail solutions) with a fine texture that catch the eye of the customer.

Ease of disposal

Products can be recycled with paper in nearly every community recycling program. This ease of disposal, ensures lower disposal costs in countries where packaging material fees apply (e.g. EU).