Paper Box

Cosmetic Industry

A box made from 100% recycled paper


A box made of natural materials that promotes the concept of recycling.

Product dimensions
205 x 200 x 30 mm

Hot-pressed product

Power of nature

A packaging you want to keep.

A pulp box that can be used both as a packaging material and as an accessory. Suitable for the safe packing and distribution of cosmetics. A box that highlights the natural origin of Korres cosmetics. 

Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

The box should be able to open and close without any problems multiple times.

The company’s logo with its capital and small letters and different fonts must be placed on the box.

Our Solution

100% recyclable box

A clamshell type box in the requested by the customer dimensions, made from 100% recycled paper and fully recyclable, in line with the Zero Waste philosophy of the Korres Recycle Lab.

Two rubber bands are used for the easy closing and opening of the box, thus allowing the consumer to use the box as many times as he wishes without any problems. A minimal design with only the absolutely necessary ribs. The ribs are also used for holding the rubber bands in place when the packaging is closed.

Natural packaging

Product Benefits

Provision for logo debossing possibility on all horizontal surfaces of the box, for maximum flexibility.

Internal spacers for improved product stacking and easy separation of pieces.

The rubber holes are concealed in the hinge in order to maximize the available advertising space on the package.

An additional support rib on the base of the product, ensures that even smaller bottles will be kept horizontal.