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Τhe sole Greek company manufacturing molded paper pulp products

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With an experience of more than 40 years, we are a market leader in our area and we keep on expanding. 


A strong design team & an experienced mold manufacturing department

Ready to create the perfectly adjusted to your needs custom solution. Improve your operations with the help of molded fiber.

Bottles from molded fiber paper

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What is Pulp Wrap?

The environmentally friendly modern packaging solution from 100% recovered paper that protects your products in transit! Use it as a void filling material or as a wrapping material for your fragile products.

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Molded fiber products are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

A step closer to sustainability…

Our production process follows the circular economy model. For the production of our products, we utilize 100% recovered paper (cardboard and/or newsprint). This way we preserve valuable natural resources and reduce the amount of world waste.


Why Molded Fiber

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Molded fiber can create complex shapes that embrace and protect the packed goods in the most efficient and satisfactory way. A sound absorbing material with a soft and user friendly texture. A material that can satisfy applications of the highest aesthetic requirements.

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A strong, yet flexible packaging material that performs well under wide temperature and humidity ranges. All products are carefully designed to ensure superior protection at every stage of the supply chain.

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Molded fiber, thanks to its natural compressibility and resilience, absorbs shocks and vibrations better than any other packaging material. Goods are left absolutely intact even after repeated impacts. The go-to-option for ensured safe transportation.

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The curvy shape of molded paper pulp products allows product stacking for easy transportation, reduced shipping costs and minimized storage space. 



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New products - New possibilities.

For a fast paced company like Heracles Packaging, product renewal is the norm.
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