Electrical devices packaging

Electrical industry

Premium protection for state of the art electrical devices  

Ready-to-use sustainable inner packaging trays

Product dimensions
360 x 360 x 37 mm
310 x 310 x 40 mm

Hot-pressed product

electrical equipment packaging

Reliable solution

Flawless delivery with a sustainable packaging

These premium electrical devices are developed to meet global safety standards and promise never to leave their connected equipment unprotected. Therefore, it seems fair that their packaging guarantees exactly the same. Packaging must be durable enough for direct-to-customers sales, during which intense shocks and vibrations are expected.

Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

A ready-to-use packaging solution that eliminates the need for assembly; thus saving valuable packing time.  

Packaging must safely nest the products, as well as their additional necessary components (e.g. connectors, screws) 

The inner packaging must be robust enough to ensure the drop test success of the fully packed product (based on the ASTM D4169 and D5487 or D5276 standard respectively).

our solution

Robust industrial packaging

Molded fiber trays that can be used both as a bottom and as a cover.

Trays that can fit 10 and 12 products, with specially designed pockets for safe nesting of all the extra components.

To ensure optimum shock and vibration absorption during transit, products must be packed tightly in the box and all gaps between the tray and the outer carton box must be minimized. Therefore, trays are hot-pressed to achieve the necessary dimensional accuracy and to precisely fit in the corrugated box.

Sustainable protection

Product Benefits

The tray’s surface is specially treated as to avoid the release of paper fibers on lubricated parts of the product even under repeated impacts 

Since 90% of the dispatches are done through courier companies, trays have been designed in such a way as to optimally protect the packed products even in cases of sealed box misplacement (e.g. vertically instead of horizontally).

Trays are stackable as to take up the least possible storage space and as to fit as many trays on the pallet as possible.     

Packaging is from 100% recovered paper, thus safeguarding natural resources and is 100% easily recyclable by nearly every community recycling program. 

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The smooth texture of the hot pressed product, along with its debossed logo, create a visually-appealing packaging that promotes the company’s branding throughout the supply chain and makes its stand out from the competition.