Heracles Packaging

For more than 40 years now, Heracles Packaging supports the eco-conscious living of customers through the creation of sustainable packaging products made from 100% recycled paper. With the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of our customers, all while optimally supporting their activities, we are the first and until today the sole Greek company utilizing molded fiber technology, a technology awarded for its contribution to the circular economy model.

Heracles Factory

Our advantages

With multiple fully automated production lines and finishing lines, we provide our customers with a wide variety of eco-friendly products and the highest flexibility. In addition, through one of the biggest production lines in Europe we offer our clients a high level of supply reliability.

Our Product Range

Our products

Our products preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations. Responsible manufacturing is at the core of what we do and our processes are ISO certified, fully compliant with the applicable legislation, the Good Manufacturing Practices and the strictest environmental criteria. Our procedures are constantly optimized in order to safeguard resources and our technology is constantly evolving for optimal efficiency.

Our people

Career in Heracles Packaging

Our people are the foundation of our success. Our team of highly skilled employees strives daily to create products and services of the highest quality that exceed customers’ expectations. In addition to our readily available packaging solutions, our strong in-house design lab with its’ experienced designers supplies our clients with the custom made products that best satisfy their needs.  

Our values define the way we do business
an integral part of every effort we make to meet our objectives and vision.


Heracles Packaging Co. SA is founded in 1979 by Heracles Cement Company SA and its subsidiary Lava SA, with the scope of the production and trading of molded fiber packaging products. 


In cooperation with Keyes Fibre USA, a pioneer company in the technology of molded paper pulp products, the company is set up in a company property of 130 acres. 
With a daily output of more than 380.000 egg trays and fruit trays, the installed production line is one of the biggest in Europe.


The Company is bought out by a business group, under the consultancy and leadership of George Papacharalampous, CEO of the company since 1995.


The Company becomes sole representative of Brodrene Hartmann for the Greek and Cypriot market for its egg packaging solutions from molded fibre.  


Capacity is increased with the installation of a new rotary production line for smaller outputs and an online after-press for products requiring a smoother finishing surface.


 With more and more companies requiring products that respect the ecological habitat, the manufacture of customer-specific solutions from recovered paper begins.  


Α new production line that allows the manufacture of products with draft angles as steep as 3° and heights up to 15cm is installed, ideal for heavy duty industrial packaging solutions. 


As the focus on custom-made products becomes greater, the in-house tooling center is further enhanced with a new CNC in order to speed up the mold creation process and the repair of existing tools.


One of the existing production lines gets remodeled by local craftsmen in cooperation with our in-house designers, so that its capacity, as well as its production capabilities, increase.