Sound diffuser

Music industry

Sound diffuser from molded fiber


Paper pulp acoustic panels for improved sound clarity

Product dimensions
300 x 300 x 129 mm

Hot-pressed product

 Sustainable acoustic panels

Improved sound quality and clarity

in a room is a prerequisite for musicians and home recording artists. Acoustic panels are a simple and attractive way of achieving this. Ideal even for spaces where minimum room echo is desired (e.g. offices, hotels). The client has already developed a specially shaped wooden acoustic panel tested for the above qualities and wishes to have it made from molded fiber, in order for it to become lighter and easier to install, all while remaining eco-friendly.  

Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

Final product must follow the tested and predefined acoustic panel design provided by Echofixer. 

Since the client is participating in the finals of ClimateLaunchpad with this product, the product must be environmentally friendly and strictly made from sustainable raw materials. 

Our Solution

Fixing echo

With more than 40 years’ experience in producing molded fiber products Heracles Packaging successfully recreated the complex shaped acoustic panel designed by Echofixer from 100% recovered paper. Therefore creating a light, yet durable acoustic panel that will help customers enjoy clarity of sound for a long period of time.

Molded fiber is a material that has already been used for echo reduction purposes in the form of egg trays, the most well-known molded fiber product. Egg trays have been used as a low-cost sound absorption option due to their cell shape and the absorbing qualities of their material.

The special design of Echofixer’s acoustic panel, once combined with the porous texture of the molded paper pulp technology, fixes echo and diffuses the sound evenly back in the room, thus improving sound quality, in a much better way than wood or egg trays.

 Eco-Friendly sound diffuser

Product Benefits

The paper pulp acoustic panel is light enough to be easily installed by just one person.

The contemporary design of the product along with its soft to the touch texture adds warmth to any space it’s installed, making sound improvement looking more attractive than ever before.

A 100% recyclable product, suitable for recycling along with normal waste paper. Molded fiber products are fully biodegradable, as well.

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A stackable product for reduced shipping costs and minimized storage space.