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Product dimensions
281 x 169 x 38 mm

Hot-pressed product

On-the-go wine bottle

Create a practical and ecological wine bottle shell


from molded paper pulp to fit the provided by the customer flexible single-material plastic pouch. Normal glass wine bottles are too heavy, too bulky and overall not suitable for outdoor activities (e.g. hiking, traveling). Add to the above the often forgotten corkscrew, the frequent leaks in the backpack and the volume of the empty bottle that needs to be carried back for disposal and you’ll understand why it’s imperative to rethink the traditional glass wine bottle.   

Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

The final product should have a low environmental impact and must be compatible with the recycling channels in France. Upon consumption of the wine, the consumer must be able to separate the shell from the pouch and throw each component in the respective channel.

The created shell must be a clamshell type of product, in order to minimize the required assembling time. The shell must maintain the authentic shape of the traditional wine bottle and at the same time fit the filled pouch optimally, without leaving any gaps, so that the pouch is protected from sunlight.

Shell must bear two labels, one in the front and one at the back, plus the company’s logos debossed.

The final product must be rigid enough to withstand shocks, and stable enough to stand upright on a flat surface. 

Our Solution

Wine bottle shell

A molded paper pulp shell, made from 100% recycled paper, specially designed to fit the provided by the client low density polyethylene single material plastic pouch that offers a natural look and feel. The correct fitting of the shell and the pouch was tested through 3D printing of various prototypes, before proceeding to mold production. 

The designed shell strongly resembles the traditional shape of the wine bottle thanks to its round neck. Specially placed fins on the bottle neck facilitate the pouch placement and ensure non-movement of the pouch inside the shell during screwing and unscrewing of its cap. 

Efficient and discreet bottle stoppers on the top and bottom part of the shell keep bottle sides from overlapping, all while ensuring that the shell is firmly closed and the pouch protected from sunlight.

The clamshell seals with the use of additional paper pulp parts that are glued on predefined areas on the side and neck of the bottle. These parts, are pre-cut in order to allow easy separation of the shell and pouch, upon consumption of the wine. 

Two smooth label placement areas have been created on the shell with a slight indentation to make them stand out. The client’s logo in the front and the Bio’teille  logo in the back have been debossed for further brand promotion. 


How to use

The clamshell is delivered open and ready for use. The filled pouch is placed on one side of the open clamshell by inserting the plastic fins in the specially designed notch. 

Interlocking bottom parts secure the bottom of the pouch, thus creating a solid base for enhanced stability on the shelf. 

Once the pouch is placed correctly, the clamshell can close and the two sides can be secured through the application of glue on the designated glue attachment areas.  

The optimized wine bottle

Product Benefits

The Bio’teille is 8x lighter than a glass bottle. Easy to carry around, ideal for an active way of life.

The Bio’teille is ecological. It requires 3x less energy for its production and creates 5x less CO2 compared to a standard glass bottle made from up to 83,5% recycled glass. 

Check the summary of the eco design study here

The isotherm capabilities of molded fiber maintain the wine cool 30% longer compared to the usual glass bottle. 

The stackable shell design reduces shipping costs and minimizes required storage space. Indicatively, 3x more Bio’teilles can be placed on a pallet compared to a standard glass bottle pallet and overall 3x more Bio’teilles are contained in a 2x lighter truck.

Thanks to molded fiber’s ability to efficiently absorb shocks and vibrations, over-packaging is avoided and up to 50% less packaging material can be used for the packing of the Bio’teille.

Moulded fiber is sustainable, fully recyclable and above all compostable and biodegradable. The developed shell is suitable for the paper/cardboard recycling industry in France.

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