Customized products development process

Customized products development process

Molded fiber allows the creation of various shapes, from simple to complex ones, from smaller to larger ones. A truly versatile and flexible material that combines protection, appearance and sustainability. Trust our team of experienced designers to guide you from product ideation all the way to product delivery.

Whether you are looking for a packaging or an eco-friendly design object with a high aesthetic appeal, our different production techniques and our 7-step product development process, ensure that the developed product will fully fulfill your needs. Contact us today to discover how your business can benefit from molded fiber. 

Step 1

1. Understanding customers’ needs

Every customer’s need is a new target our company sets to fulfill. Our process begins with an initial consultation to better understand the project’s requirements. Our skilled designers examine supplied drawings, physical samples and along with the provided budget restrictions, estimated quantities, branding requirements (e.g. logo placement) and any additional information, create the project’s list of specifications.  Close cooperation during this step is imperative for project success.


Step 2

2. Analysis and Product design

Based on the created list of specifications the correct product category is selected (normal, hot-pressed, dry-in-mold). Following “Green” design practices for a sustainability that extends beyond the material, the desired product is designed.

During the design phase, transportation parameters are taken into consideration in an attempt to minimize transportation and storage costs. A drawing of the 3D designed product is presented to the client for feedback. 

Upon acceptance of the drawing, the quotation including cost of molds and cost of final product is generated. Rendered pictures of the final product, using 3D Solidworks, are usually provided, for a better understanding of the final product.


Step 3

3. Quotation Acceptance and final changes

Upon acceptance of our quotation, the product design is finalized and the project timeline is specified based on the respective work flow of both sides. Since no changes to the design are accepted after this step, it’s vital to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are on the same page. To ensure this and before moving on with the mold production, it’s possible to have a final product prototype 3D printed for final review.


Step 4

4. Sample molds (optional)

Sample molds are suitable for manual production of samples, given that the dimensions of the product allow. They cannot be used for actual production. Ideal for those cases where the 3D printed plastic prototype of the product is not enough and a sample of the final product in molded paper pulp is required for a hands on testing. In order to cut down sample production and delivery time, innovative 3D printing technology is often used for the production of the tooling. Customer’s feedback on the samples determine whether a review of the product’s design is necessary (back to step 3) or whether we can proceed with the actual production molds.


Step 5

5. Mold production

Our in-house product design and tooling manufacturing lab, gives us complete control over the product development process for better efficiency and increased productivity. The production and hot-press molds are made from aluminum or plastic and are precision machined on our CNCs. The use of CNC for the production of the molds, facilitates their repair and maintenance, thus ensuring a consistently top quality production process. 

For the sample production the initial set of molds, as specified in the quotation, is created and placed on the production line. Samples are compared to the finalized and agreed product drawing. 

Upon product’s approval, the remaining sets of molds are created and the first order is accepted.


Step 6

6. Product production

During the first normal production, the packaging specifications and the specific quality assurance process are defined.  

Upon completion of the order, the products are made available for pick up from our factory. All our products are offered on an EXW basis, for the greatest level of transparency and flexibility while selecting your transportation partner. Of course, different shipping options are also available, upon customer’s request.


Step 7

 7. Feedback & Onward planning

Upon successful completion of the first order, we can’t wait for the next one. Provide us with your forecast and we’ll create the necessary production schedule. Our fully automated production lines give us the manufacturing capacity to provide you with products exactly when you need them, even when seasonality or unanticipated volume spikes occur.