Fruit packaging trays

Packing nature

The sustainable fruit & vegetable packaging solution

Our molded pulp fruit trays are specially designed for the efficient transportation of the fresh produce, offering premier protection throughout the entire supply chain. These made in Greece trays are made from 100% recycled paper and are fully recyclable. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic trays. Suitable for pomegranates, apples, peaches, oranges and more… 

An effective barrier

Shield your products from harvest to consumption

Protect your packed produce from unwanted external factors that can affect its’ freshness, scent, appearance and taste. Molded fiber’s ability to absorb excess moisture, without altering its shape, and its permeability to CO2, keeps products fresh by allowing them to breathe and extends their shelf-life. The very high temperatures applied during the manufacturing process of our fruit trays, create a packaging that is clean and hygienic, a packaging that prevents contamination, avoids food spoilage during storage and transit and minimizes food waste.

Protection & Cost efficiency

Cost effectiveness meets customer satisfaction

The shock and vibration absorbing abilities, as well as the high compressive strength of our molded fiber trays, ensure the safe storage and transportation of your produce, protecting it from damage and bruising. Specific size cups keep fruits in place, offering premium cushioning even during long distance transits. Dare to stack even the most delicate goods!

Designed with durability and cost effectiveness in mind, the stackable form of our trays minimizes storage and logistics costs. Robust enough for today’s high-speed packing demands with spacers for easy denesting. An ideal choice for automated packing lines. 

Optimal display

Make your produce stand out

Combine molded fiber’s superior protection with our tray’s design and benefit from a tray that displays as well as it delivers. Its smooth texture with its premium, yet natural, feeling makes it user friendly, all while its attractive appearance promises to increase sales. Compatible with 30×40 cm boxes and crates.

Our currently available size accommodates 10 fruits with diameters between 90-95mm. More sizes to follow soon.

Environmentally sound

From 100% recycled fibers – 100% recyclable packaging

Molded fiber is an eco-responsible material that follows the principles of circular economy. The biodegradability of molded fiber, along with its’ ease of recycling into the cardboard waste stream, provide the reassurance that this packaging won’t languish in the landfill. Ideal solution for wholesalers and distributors looking to eliminate unnecessary plastic from their processes and reach their sustainability goals

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Product Dimensions L x W x H
380x275x30 mm

Average Product Weight
40 gr (+-10%)

Pieces / Bundle
300 pcs

Available pallets
Type Euro 1200×800 mm

Pieces / Pallet
5400 pcs

Height / Pallet:
1900 mm


Available Colors:

Διαθέσιμα Χρώματα:


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