About Us

In 1982, in a company property of 130 acres in Pella Northern Greece, we set up the first and up today the sole company in Greece producing molded paper pulp packaging products in cooperation with the pioneering in using this technology company Keyes-Fibre USA.

Heracles Packaging Co. S.A was founded in 1979 by Heracles Cement Company S.A and its subsidiary Lava S.A, with the scope of the production and trading of molded fibre packaging products. The company was founded in a period during which business decisions were dominated by the diversification theories concepts.

  • External view of our factory
  • Egg trays exiting the dryer
  • Egg trays in our warehouse

The operation of the factory started in 1982, with the production of molded fibre products made from 100% recycled paper (newspapers, cardboard boxes etc.). By this procedure, the company contributed to the maintenance of ecological balance and implemented its commitment to offering green packaging for natural products. In 2001, the company was bought out by a business group, under the consultancy and leadership of Mr. George Papacharalampous, who has been a CEO for Heracles Packaging Co. S.A since 1995. The company remains the only molded fibre producer in Greece, with a loyal and well satisfied clientele locally and abroad as well.


Our vision is to remain the best in every market in which we operate, by focusing on the best quality and greatest of service.


Our mission is to supply the packaging industry with environmentally friendly complex shaped products that can satisfy our customers’ needs. These products are specially designed to embrace the packed goods and at the same time project their promotional aspects. Finally, they guarantee the safe transportation of the goods.


The values espoused in HERACLES PACKAGING CO. S.A define the way we do business and they are an integral part of every effort the company makes to meet its objectives and vision.

Our customers are at the center

Every customer’s need is a new target that the firm sets to fulfill.

Committing ourselves to excel

Under constant efforts we try to develop and keep our company at a leading position.

Unity is strength

We believe in the cooperation to achieve the best possible results and we learn through this procedure. Always open to new suggestions.

Respect our people

Our people are the foundation of our success. We chose the best to rely on, support, inspire and invest on them.

Respect for the environment

Our company is committed to provide green products of the highest quality, with great respect to the ecological habitat.