Vertical wine bottle tray

Drive down costs

The wine shipper for vertically placed bottles

A made in Greece multi-wine-bottle shipper that makes wine bottle packing a fast and easy process. A ready to use product with stackable format for reduced storage space and minimized shipping costs. Ideal solution for automated packing lines operating with robots. Comes with short lead times and low MOQs. 

Reliable solution

Protect your valuable wines from breakage during transit

Our carefully designed tray stabilizes the neck and bottom of the vertically placed bottles, securing them in place, away from each other and the carton’s walls. Damages, including label scuffing, are thus prevented. Molded fiber efficiently absorbs shocks and vibrations ensuring the safe delivery of the wine bottles anywhere in the world.

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Reduce inventory

Our versatile vertical wine bottle shippers can accommodate six vertically placed 750ml wine bottles up to 8 cm wide. Suitable for different bottle styles (Burgundy, Bordeaux, high shoulder etc.).

Earth-friendly solution

Keep the environment as safe as your wine

Our high-quality wine bottle dividers are the eco-friendly way to safely ship your wine bottles. Made from 100% recovered paper, a sustainable material that highlights the wine’s natural origins, molded fiber products can be easily recycled along with other waste paper and are biodegradable and compostable. 

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Product Dimensions L x W x H
294x194x37 mm

Average Product Weight
50 gr (+-10%)

Pieces / Bundle
75 pcs

Available pallets
Type Euro 1200×800 mm

Pieces / Pallet
2700 pcs

Height / Pallet:
2100 mm


Available Colors:

Διαθέσιμα Χρώματα:


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