Versatile secondary packaging

What is Pulpwrap?

A robust, yet lightweight and bendable eco-friendly secondary packaging solution from 100% recovered paper that wraps and protects products during storage and transit. Easily adaptable to even the most complex geometries and durable enough to protect even the heaviest products from repeated falls.  

A Secondary & Tertiary packaging solution awarded with the gold for its contribution to the Supply Chain & e-shopping category. 

What’s for?

For cushioning & void filling

This secondary packaging material can be used as a wrapping material for fragile objects, as an edge protector or as a void filling material for e-commerce boxes. Ideal for cases where heavy duty packaging is required. 

How to use?

Cut it, Bend it, Lock it.

Pulpwrap comes in big sheets for easy and fast wrapping of even larger products. Cut it to the desired dimensions and interlock the cones to maintain the shape. No need for plastic tapes. Easily link multiple Pulpwraps together. Create corners for better edge protection in 2 easy steps. Unlock your creativity!

For those cases, where the standard dimension is too big and/or on spot paper cutting not feasible, custom pre-cut Pulpwrap solutions can be provided.     

Storage & Transportation

Effective protection

A robust and durable product that effectively absorbs unwanted vibrations and shocks for ensured customer satisfaction and minimum product returns. Pulpwrap’s shape allows it to effectively distribute the weight of even the heaviest products, offering them unrivalled support and protection during storage. In addition, the specially designed cones create a strong and resilient damping mechanism that absorbs the load, intercepts pressure and multiple impacts, dissipates shock energy and dampens vibration, for ensured protection during transportation.

Cost efficient

Drive down packaging cost

Pulpwrap’s exceptional durability reduces the overall packaging cost by allowing the simplification of the outer corrugate packaging or even its complete removal through the use of simple carton sleeves. Moreover, its’ stackable format saves warehouse space and minimizes storage and shipping costs.

Environmentally friendly

Easy disposal

Remove unnecessary plastic from your packaging and achieve your sustainability targets with this eco-friendly product from 100% recovered paper. Pulpwrap is 100% recyclable and can be easily discarded at any commercial or household waste paper recycling.

Safeguarding Public Health

Packaging in time of pandemic

Studies conducted over the time SARS CoV 2 virus can survive on various surfaces, state that the virus can survive 2 to 3 days on plastic, whereas only 24 hours on paper. Give your customers a worry free unpacking experience today with Pulpwrap, the paper packaging solution. 


Product Dimensions L x W x H
600x400x23,5 mm

Average Product Weight
150 gr (+-10%)

Pieces / Bundle
110 pcs

Available pallets
Type Euro 1200×800 mm

Pieces / Pallet
1100 pcs

Height / Pallet
2200 mm

Available Colors:

Διαθέσιμα Χρώματα:


Plant protection sleeve

Out of the box and in the vineyard

Pulpwrap can be much more than a packaging material. Read here the full story on the “Pulpwrap as a vine guard” test run in collaboration with the Ligas Winery and discover its multiple benefits as a plant protector.

Not exactly the product you were looking for?

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