Gaea Fresh protective clamshell


Eco Bottle Shipper for GAEA FRESH extra virgin olive oil


An environmentally friendly secondary packaging for Gaea Fresh suitable for worldwide shipping.

Product dimensions
325 x 238 x 52 mm

Hot-pressed product

Durable Bottle Shipper

Direct-to-customers olive oil sales

have created a need for shipping individual Gaea Fresh bottles around the world. The shipping of small parcels exposes the product to intense shocks and vibrations – a strong and durable secondary packaging is needed to protect the product and ensure its safe delivery.

 Client’s Brief

Additional Requirements

Must be a sustainable packaging that aligns with Gaea’s vision to end use of unnecessary plastic.

The secondary packaging needs to be compatible with the requirements of Amazon and courier companies.

Simple, easy to use packaging. Avoid complex assemblies. Minimize required packing time.

Our Solution

Molded fiber clamshell

A clamshell type bottle shipper, made from 100% recycled paper, specially designed to safely nest 1 bottle of Gaea Fresh

One or more molded paper pulp bottle shippers can be placed in the paperboard box that carries the barcode and all other necessary labels.  

A light, yet durable and highly shock-absorbent custom protective packaging with a stress tested design under different transportation scenarios. 

A 1-meter drop safe bottle shipper, safe even after consecutive drops on the various edges of the fully packed product.   

all-round efficiency

Product Benefits

The carefully placed ribs reinforce the packaging, thus reducing damage claims & increasing customer satisfaction.

The fact that moulded fibre is easily recyclable ensures reduced disposal costs in countries where packaging is regulated by environmental packaging directives (e.g. EU).

The robustness of the bottled shipper allowed Gaea to substitute the cardboard box, initially planned to be used, with a simple paperboard carton; hence significantly lowering the cost of packaging materials. 

The simplicity of the molded fiber packaging made the packing process quicker and even allowed its use in automatic packing lines.

The stackable packaging reduced shipping costs and minimized required storage space.