Packaging Awards 2021

2 golden awards

Packaging Awards 2021

Two important awards were received by HERACLES PACKAGING SA on Monday 12/7, at the Packaging Awards 2021 organized by Boussias in collaboration with the Association of Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials, thus acquiring the right to participate in the leading global packaging competition World Star Packaging Awards 2022, organized by the World Packaging Organization.

Gold award in the Sustainability section Circular Economy category for the use of molded fiber technology, as a recognition for the good manufacturing practices with integrated circular economy model elements that our company follows. «When, 40 years ago, we introduced to Greece and to the wider Eastern Europe region, the technology of molded paper pulp for the production of ecological packaging from 100% recycled paper, the circular economy concept was just beginning. We are very pleased that in recent years more and more companies recognize the necessity of reusing and recycling materials for a sustainable future.», Ms. Ismini Papacharalampous, CEO of the company stated during receipt of the award.

Gold award in the Supply Chain & e-shopping section Secondary & Tertiary Packaging category for our new product, the Pulpwrap: the flexible and environmentally friendly packaging material for effective protection of packed goods on their difficult journey across the supply chain. This award recognizes the adaptability and innovation of the companies that manufacture packaging for pre-packaged products (postal packaging, packaging for transport companies, couriers, e-shop sales, etc.).

We warmly thank the organizers and the judging committee. We are proud that our work is recognized and rewarded. We will continue to work with passion for ever higher goals.

Image of Packaging Awards heracles 2021