Finger Pack (Fruit & Vegetable Packaging)
Natural Packaging for the products of the nature!

  • The shock absorbing ability and high compressive strength that our molded fibre pulp fruit trays offer ensure the safe transportation of your goods.
  • The specially designed pockets embrace your product and make it stand out.
  • The ability of the pulp to absorb excess moisture, without changing its shape and properties, along with its permeability to CO2, allows our fruit trays to keep your products fresh from their harvest to their consumption.
  • An asset for the highest promotion of your goods.
  • Suitable for apples, oranges, peppers, tomatoes and more…

  • Our fruit and vegetable dishes, with their flat base and their raised side protectors, are the best option of protecting and nicely presenting your fruits and vegetables.




dimensions (L*W*H)


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