Egg Trays / Filler Flats
Beautiful displays along with the protection only molded fibre can offer!

  • Durability up to 80 kilos (for instance they allow stacking up to 35-40 trays with eggs).
  • Minimum absorbency in cooling environments.
  • Absorption and prevention of diffusion of unpleasant odors and flavors to the eggs contained.
  • Minimum sopping prevents damage from spreading to other eggs on the tray.
  • Specially designed nests, which along with the vibrations absorbing ability of the molded fibre, ensure the safe transportation and storage of your products.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • A natural breathable material that preserves the freshness of your packaged goods.

Egg Trays / Filler Flats A

  • The egg is a delicate product that requires increased protection during storage and transportation. Our molded paper pulp egg trays / filler flats are made to meet these high requirements for durability and preservation of the highest quality in eggs. Each tray holds 30 eggs. Specifically they offer:






egg tray (L*W*H)


63-73 gr.

bundle (L*W*H)